Path to competency

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For an operator to use a MEWP, regulations require that he or she must be recognized as competent by his or her employer.

Power Towers offers a solution called, “Path to Competency,” for specific push around machines. This solution provides the employer and the operator the resources needed to properly learn how to operate a push around machine.  The machines included in the “Path to Competency” are: Pecolift/Ecolift, Ecolift Wind Rated, Nano 25/35, Power Towers and Power Towers Duo.  The” Path to Competency” has been developed to provide a thorough, cost effective and time efficient solution to achieve competency.

For the operator:

Path A – Operator does not have any valid certification for using MEWPs

Operator accesses a 15-minute online familiarization for a specific Power Towers product (from the above mentioned).  Once the operator successfully completes the online familiarization by answering 30 questions, he or she will receive a badge that recognizes successful completion.     

The operator will then need to do a practical session operating the same product while a recognized evaluator (See options for the evaluator below) observes that the operator understands the proper use of the machine.

JLG provide this material to assist an evaluator in conducting their assessment. Only the employer can determine whether an operator is deemed competent.

Path B – Operator already has a valid certification for using MEWPs.

For operators with a valid certification for using MEWPs, it is only required that they be familiarized before using a new product. This can be achieved via online familiarization, a practical familiarization sessions or other methods deemed sufficient by the employer.

For the evaluator:

Power Towers also offers a “Train the Evaluator” course for the push around machines.  This full day course will provide the attendee the knowledge required to determine if an operator properly demonstrates the skills required to use a push around machine.  Upon successful completion of this course the attendee will be recognized as having received the information required to act as an evaluator.  The evaluator can be a member of the employer’s staff or external.

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