Our mobile elevated working platform solutions

Simply a better way to work at Low Level Heights

max. working height up to 4,5 m

All our mobile elevated working platforms are developed by considering the application and worker.  We engage operators, engineers, ergonomists, safety and project managers in the initial concept development stage to ensure that when our engineers set forth designing, they have the user and the application at the very forefront of the development process.
At Power Towers, we understand the challenges that users face with traditional working methods like scaffolding, ladders, podiums, and step ups. That is why we are committed on providing working platforms for Low Level Access (up to 5.5 meters height) that are safer and simple to use.

Designing ergonomic products are a key factor at Power Towers: climbing up and down steps, balancing, over-reaching and over-stretching are reduced to an absolute minimum. Users can access the safe and ergonomic platform from the ground and adjust it to the desired height avoiding awkward and unstable positions. Users can work for longer periods of time more comfortably while productivity is enhanced.

To learn more about how our products can improve safety, ergonomics, and efficiency, please check the benefits page. Testing is an important part of our design process. We cycle test our products so that they are durable and trouble free, providing you with a product with low maintenance and long product life. We also use the latest motion sensor technology to determine the forces that are being applied to the operator’s body to make sure our mobile elevated working platforms have an ergonomic design and will be comfortable to use.
At Power Towers we also offer a range of products that can be used in hazardous work areas and/or clean room environments. The complete portfolio complies with the European Machinery Directive EN280 and ANSI Directive A92.20.