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Clean and Sustainable

Meet our environmentally friendly access platforms

Traditional access platforms have always used hydraulic systems, batteries, or engines to power horizontal movement and elevation. However, Power Towers offers in its range two environmentally friendly products, the Pecolift and Ecolift.

Climate change has become a reality and every day there are more companies working towards improving their environmentally Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Power Towers is continuously working to reduce its carbon footprint to become a more sustainable company every day.

Two of our solutions, The Pecolift and Ecolift, are environmentally friendly products. These two access platforms have a very low environmental impact since their operation does not require batteries or a hydraulic system. The Pecolift and Ecolift have a patented mechanism that allows the user to elevate the platform to the desired height just by rotating a handle. This mechanism converts 10% of human energy into 100% of the power required to elevate to full working height, in just 11 seconds. The operator will not need to charge them to perform daily activities at low level heights. Since they do not need any electric power they are available 24/7. The Pecolift and Ecolift do not involve unfolding, erecting, climbing or dismantling as traditional access methods such as scaffolding or podiums. In addition, they are quite and virtually maintenance free.

 The Pecolift and Ecolift are also ideal for meeting clean room environment standards:

  • No possibility of leakage.
  • Protected components.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Easy to store.

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