Low-level, light weight, self-propelled machines

Self-propelled solution with an extendable deck and maximum working height of 4.5 m

Self-propelled solution with a double extendable deck and a maximum working height of 4,5 m

If you are looking for a self-propelled product for low-level access, our range of products are light weight and offer up to 4.5 m of working height (dependent on model). These platforms are ideal when the application requires the operator to move quickly between operations or needs to move the platform while working height. This eliminates the need to ascend and descend to be able to move the machine into another position. Productivity is improved when using these machines: up to 12 times faster compared with traditional forms of access such as scaffolding, podiums or step ladders.

The Nano SP and Nano SP Plus have a very small footprint for maneuvering in very congested workspaces and a large work area when utilizing the cantilever deck option, making it ideal to be able to work over obstacles. The Nano SP is the preferred choice where the application requires a smaller footprint, lighter weight and a larger platform area.

These machines are safer, more comfortable, more efficient, and a cost-effective alternative to podium steps or scaffolding.  Step into the fully protected platform, drive to the work application and raise to the desired height. The operator has sufficient space to move and work in a comfortable position for longer periods of time. Stay at height and easily drive to another work area to maximize efficiency.

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Features and Benefits:

  • Enter the platform from ground level and step into a fully guarded workspace
  • Easy to operate, just push a button to elevate the platform
  • Adjustable platform to work at the desired height
  • Emergency descent from ground level
  • Audible ascent, descent and drive alarm
  • Fail-safe hydraulic circuit complete with check valve on lift cylinder
  • Fits through standard single doors and into elevators
  • Compact – ideal for easy storage
  • Light weight, which is ideal for delicate floors
  • The Nano SP and SP Plus reach 4.5 m working height