Power Towers in industrial sectors

Ideal for installations, maintenance and repair work

Nano mobile elevating work platforms elevated, two man are working on height


For the industrial market our solutions provide the smarter solution compared to traditional equipment. They also meet requirements for height safety and sustainable employment for large multinationals concerned about work well-being.

To perform work as efficiently as possible while minimizing risk, modern solutions and changing old habits are required. At Power Towers our mission is to do this.

We ensure that operators can work more safely, efficiently, and comfortably. That is why we designed our solutions always having the operator in mind. All our products have a fully guarded safety platform to elevate the operator to the desired height. As soon the operator elevates the machine breaks automatically. The operator can then easily adjust the height up and down to work comfortably and efficiently for longer periods of time. These features make our products ideal, for installations, maintenance and repair work at low level heights (up to 5.1 meters).

We are committed to providing smarter alternatives to traditional working methods like scaffolding, ladders and podiums. Our products create a safer and more sustainable working environment, improving productivity and reducing body stress and fatigue for users.

Our base criteria are the design and development of products to help operators to install, maintain, and repair buildings, industrial sites, process equipment and systems safely, while reducing the potential for musculoskeletal injury, stress and fatigue.

The Power Towers portfolio offers solutions that are:

  • Push around, manual elevation. These products are unique and combine a patented mechanism made with a gas pressurized cylinder and gravity so that batteries and hydraulic systems are not needed.  Therefore, there is no need for charging and they are always ready to go! Our range of powered, non-powered and push around access platforms are quite simply a better way to work at Low Level Heights and will change the way operator’s complete maintenance, repairs, and installation tasks.
  • Push around, electrical elevation. These products increase operator control, reduce damage by minimizing complexity. The operator will have more room to work in confined areas. They are ideal to work in busy areas like retail fitting, for spot work, new construction, or maintenance.
  • Self-Propelled. These are traditional Mobile Elevated Working Platforms but are more compact and offer a lower floor load. These products are perfect for reaching over obstacles.

Check above some examples of places where you can use our products.