The PecoDC has been named as “Data Centre Safety & Security Innovation of the Year”

We are proud to announce that Power Towers together with our Data Centre Channel Partner, Daxten, have won the DCS Awards 2022 within the category of “Data Centre Safety & Security Innovation of the Year” with the PecoDC.

DCS Awards 2022 presented to Power Towers Limited

This prize recognizes our specialized application Pecolift, that has been branded PecoDC, (available only for this channel through Daxten)as a safer way of working at Low-Level Heights, while performing installations, inspections, maintenance, or repairs in Data Centres.

With this access solution you can enter the platform at ground level and raise it to the desired working height, the fully guarded platform keeps the operator safe while working at height. This access platform is not just a safer method of working at Low-Level Heights, it also allows the operator to work more comfortably while also improving efficiency. To learn more about the Benefits of our products, please check the Benefits page.  

So, what is the difference between the Pecolift and the PecoDC?

The PecoDC is similar to the Pecolift but it has a narrower footprint of 0.99 m x 0.672 m compared to the Pecolift footprint of 0.99 m x 0.70 m. The PecoDC was created specially to use in narrow rack aisles in Data Centres.

PecoDC platform elevated - DCS Award winner 2022

But why was there this need to re-design the Pecolift to a narrower version? To understand better how the PecoDC was created, we have talked with Phillip McGuinness, Data Centre Consultant from Daxten.

What was the problem/s that Data Centres were facing?

Data Centres have evolved over time from once having all the services under the raised floor including power and data to now locating both power and data overhead above the IT cabinets. This has meant that what was once ground level working has been replaced with high level overhead working typically between 2-4m from the floor level. This increased height has led to a number of injuries due to working on ladders at height.” Mentioned Phillip McGuinness.

Therefore, Data Centres were looking for a solution to work on low-level heights, and the Pecolift (3.5m max. working height) and Ecolift (4.2m max. working height) were an ideal solution for working at those required heights. Moreover, the Pecolift and Ecolift are  clean and sustainable solutions since they do not have batteries or hydraulic systems to be powered. “The lack of hydraulics in a clean room environment is very desirable as Data Centres spend lots of money to prevent water/liquid ingress into the Data Centre.  Being completely manual also helps as no one needs to remember to charge the product.” – mentioned Phillip McGuinness.

PecoDC won the DCS award 2022

So, what was missing in the Pecolift and the Ecolift? “Whilst the Pecolift and Ecolift were good height wise, we recognized that a smaller footprint would be better as the Data Centre is very expensive real estate so it is often very densely populated with racks, meaning the smaller the footprint the better. Additions such as tethering hooks help stop any tools being dropped was also deemed a good option to include.” Therefore, the Pecolift and Ecolift evolved to the PecoDC and EcoDC. The PecoDC is narrower than the standard Pecolift. Both the PecoDC and EcoDC offer tethering hooks attached to the work tray. This allowed that those companies that were looking for a safer access method to have another option to choose: “The PecoDC with its smaller footprint means that companies actively promoting a “Ladder-less” policy can achieve that goal with a Data Centre specific product. Ladders are no longer the choice now, they are a last resort when the PecoDC and EcoDC are available.”

If you want to have more information about these solutions for Data Centres, you can contact us or Daxten: +44 (0)20 8991 6200 /