Increase productivity at your workspace

We live in a world that changes rapidly and constantly, pushing everybody to increase productivity to keep up with the new working pace. The novel, modern, and innovative solutions are replacing the traditional methods. With the ease of adaptation to the contemporary realm and ever-changing industry requirements, the phrase “That’s how it’s always been done,” should be replaced with “Can we do it better?” 

Many enterprises today are searching for ways to optimize their businesses by increasing productivity, efficiency at the workspace, and thus reducing waste. Power Towers has extensive experience working with industrial and commercial entities, so we know the challenges that these industries face. 

There are many companies in, but not limited to construction, maintenance, warehousing, and real estate, which still are using conventional ladders, scaffolding and podiums to work at low level heights. Did you know that erecting a scaffold could take from 30 minutes to an hour, depending on a size of the building, type of construction and other factors. Aforementioned height constructions are usually associated with the bigger risks of accidents, health problems, and bulkiness of the equipment itself.

Power Towers solutions change this. The machines we manufacture are safer due to the guarded platform, which still retains 360 degrees of work flexibility. Power Towers products come with an automatic mechanical wheel brake, which activates on elevation increasing the stability of the platform.  A key benefit for Power Towers – there is no need to assemble or disassemble between use. Just push the machine into desired position, step in and let the machine take you up with little to no effort. Some of our machines, namely the self-propelled Nano SP family, don’t even need to be pushed manually, but instead the user can drive the platform while elevated. No longer do you have to climb down to reposition. 

MSDs risk factors and how to prevent them

In fact, Power Towers are safe, not only in terms of fall protection, but also operators’ well-being. We researched studies on musculoskeletal disorders (MSD), and found that awkward postures or working positions are considered a physical risk factor, which leads to MSDs. In turn, the operators, who suffer from MSDs, experience higher levels of anxiety, sleeping problems, and overall fatigue, which affects their working life too. The employers, who continue using the traditional height-access equipment are likely to pay more often for the employees’ absenteeism and turnover, plus deal with lost productivity, quality, and personnel morale.

At Power Towers we propagate a safe workspace, which is a win-win for both organizations and staff. That is why our machines are built ready-to-use, where the operators can stand comfortably, and keep their legs at the same level. The operator can adjust the platform to best working height and have both hands free. These factors allow an operator to maintain concentration on the job, keep focused and perform longer with less fatigue. We believe that ergonomics is a key to improved productivity and efficiency at the workspace. Watch our YouTube video showing the ergonomic comparisons between Power Towers and traditional methods! 

Power Towers’ benefits and activity towards reducing CO2 emissions

Depending on the Power Tower model, the weight capacity can vary from 150 to 250 kg. This means that users can take everything they need to height, reducing the strain and wasted time of climbing up and down. 

Without a doubt, sustainability plays an important role in the modern world.  Our Pecolift and Ecolift models are environmentally friendly products. These machines don’t use conventional methods to work: no hydraulic systems, batteries, or engines. Instead the user turns the handle to elevate. This mechanism converts 10% of the operator’s energy into 100% of elevation power. Peco/Ecolift can be used in some of the most stringent conditions, as they contain very little grease in the mechanisms. Those mechanisms are protected from the elements, meaning they are easy to clean and store. We are aware of how common it is to drop tools unintentionally. Pecolift and Ecolift solutions have a tool tray attached to hold items whilst not in use, but tool tethering options which protect against dropped items falling to the floor. 

Power Towers are the lightest in the market, making it ideal to use on sensitive surfaces or elevated floors. The platforms contain non-marking wheels and bump protection to prevent any damage to walls or other objects.  The Power Tower solutions are compact, which means that they fit through standard single doors, and elevators. The machines can easily live and maneuver inside the building for the future planned or unplanned maintenance works. It is making our products an ideal solution to have by your side for a variety of workplace projects. 

Power Towers cares about your safety, efficiency, productivity, well-being and convenience at the workspace. We truly believe that there are many untapped industries which are ready for change. So, if you are building the future, why work in the past?