Power Towers, the Smart Alternative to Ladders, Podiums and Scaffolding

You are building a future, why climb the past?

At Power Towers we are passionate about providing a modern alternative to scaffolding, ladders, and podiums for working at height (up to 5.5 meters), that will improve efficiency while reducing fatigue and risk of injury from climbing, falling, overreaching, bending, and/or overstretching.
Our goal is to enable companies to understand and implement the changes required so that operators can work at height safely and efficiently while reducing Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSD) at their work site.
The Power Towers’ product line-up is designed to replace all methods of access including scaffolding, ladders, step-ups, and podiums. We provide simple, innovative solutions so that operators can work safely, comfortably, and efficiently for slab heights of up to 5.5 meters. 
Our products are simple, secure, and easy to use. The ergonomic design of the access platform allows the user to reach the desired working height safely, while keeping both feet at the same level and both hands free. The secure platform also allows the user to work in a 360-degree range and adjust working height up or down to always be working in the most adequate position. This allows the operator to work comfortably during longer periods of time, increasing efficiency and reducing fatigue.
We also offer ATEX solutions to meet requirements for areas zone 1 and 21 as well as highly corrosive and/or sensitive environments.
We have an expert team that can analyze your application and demonstrate how our access platform solutions can benefit your organization and improve safety, ergonomics, and efficiency. 

Power Towers, Ecolift and Pecolift fit-outs