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Work efficiently while improving safety

There is a strong correlation between productivity and safety. The benefits of working at height safely and comfortably include improved work efficiency, increased worker satisfaction and morale, reduced sick pay and workers’ compensation claims, along with decreased absenteeism and employee turnover. 

The fully guarded platforms on our range of products allow the operator to just step in from the ground and elevate it to the desired height. As soon as the operator starts elevating the breaks lock automatically preventing the machine from moving horizontally and remaining in the same position. This allows the operator to remain stable and work at height safely. The operator can freely move in a 360-degree radius while both feet are at the same level and both hands free. Once the operator is in position the working height of the platform can easily be adjusted up and down reducing the need for bending, stretching and reaching. The result is a sustainable, comfortable and safe working environment so the operator can maintain concentration for a longer period of time improving work efficiency, productivity and quality.

Power Towers products are simple, safe, easy and efficient to use. They can dramatically reduce working hours when compared with mechanical manual alternatives and represent excellent value for money.

Our solutions will modernize the way you work and improve efficiency while reducing the risk of accidents helping your company create a sustainable work environment that is required in the 21st century.

All our products comply with applicable European legislation including the Machinery Directive and are CE marked using the EN280 design standard. Our products are all third party approved by SGS International.

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