About Power Towers

Leading manufacturer of Low-Level Access Platforms

Ergonomic design of Power Towers product line, operator on a platform

Safety has come a long way; the flat rung stepladder was patented by John H Balsley in 1862. In the UK up until 2005, Low-Level Access meant traditional podium steps, ladders, and mobile scaffolds. That changed when the HSE introduced the Work at Height Regulations, restricting the use of traditional forms of Low-Level access. Shortly after this, in 2007, Power Towers Ltd. (Power Towers) was born introducing a new innovative Low-Level powered access solution. Now, this term includes an entirely new specialist sector within the powered access industry that has improved both safety and efficiency.

Power Towers, a JLG industries Inc. (JLG) fully owned subsidiary, designs and manufactures its range of access platforms wholly in the UK. JLG is a world-leading supplier of Mobile Elevated Working Platforms that was founded in 1969 and now has offices located throughout the world. JLG purchased Power Towers in 2015 to spread this innovation around the world and provide safer, sustainable alternatives for working at Low-Level heights.

Power Towers’ broad range of products includes eight machines: three push-around manual elevating (the Pecolift, Ecolift and Ecolift WR), four push-around electric elevating (Nano 25, Nano 35, Power Tower and Power Tower Duo) and two self-propelled (Nano SP and Nano SP Plus). This is the leading line of solutions in the Low-Level Access industry.

The Pecolift and Ecolift were introduced in 2013 as an innovative and unique solution in the UK as an alternative to ladders and podiums. Since then, their acceptance both in the UK and globally has been unparalleled and their use is now considered a best practice in place of ladders and podiums. They are recognized not only for improving safety, but also for their simplicity, efficiency and improved operators’ ergonomics.

All Power Towers’ products are simple, safe, ergonomic and efficient to use. They dramatically reduce working hours when compared with traditional alternatives and represent excellent value.

JLG and Power Towers are creating the new standard for working at heights up to 5.1 meters, while at the same time enriching lives by redefining jobs sites.

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