The Health and Safety Team of the international construction company ISG GmbH in Germany, recently carried out an in depth study comparing ladders to an alternative means of access. Ladders are typically used to go up and down by climbing. When climbing operators do not have their hands free which limits
mobility. Ladder related incidents are common incidents including injuries related to
The most common injuries associated with ladder accidents are bruises, sprains, and strains, as well as closed fractures. The body regions most affected are the ankle, knee, and foot. For this reason, ISG together with Power Towers, took in a number of Pecolifts in an effort to improve worker safety on its projects.

At ISG GmbH, the vision is to become the world’s most dynamic construction services company, delivering places that help people and businesses thrive.
Its 2,800 worldwide specialists in fit out, technology, and construction deliver not just buildings, but also an exceptional delivery dynamic and strong customer relationships built on mutual trust, collaboration, and open communication. The company blends its unparalleled track record, sound processes and proven delivery
methods with a fast-paced and agile culture, ensuring it delivers thriving places that are as responsive and resilient as its occupants.
For nearly three decades, ISG has been providing construction solutions to some of
the world’s most successful and enduring businesses, cities and institutions. Yet
today’s fast-paced world demands more than a safe pair of hands. Delivering the
places of tomorrow requires the ability to think big, collaborate widely and
meaningfully, and build in real capacity for change.

Power Towers Ltd. is a UK manufacturer founded in 2007. The company was
instrumental in founding of the Low-Level Access industry. Six years later, in
2013, the Pecolift and Ecolift were introduced as an innovative and unique Low-
Level Access solution in the UK as an alternative to ladders and podiums. Since then,
their acceptance both in the UK and globally has been unparalleled and their use is
now considered a best practice in place of ladders, podiums and step-ups. They are
recognised not only for improving safety, but also for their simplicity, efficiency and
improved operators’ ergonomics.
We engage operators, engineers, ergonomists, safety and project managers in the
initial concept development stage to ensure that when our engineers set forth
designing, they have the user and the application at the forefront of the development
process. We design and cycle test our products so that they will be durable and
trouble free. We use the latest motion sensor technology to determine the forces that
are being applied to the body to make sure our products will be comfortable to use.

ISG’s goal
Substitute ladders with alternative, modern low level equipment for work at height.
ISG Work at Height Definition
Working at any height above ground level, at ground level or below ground level where
a fall could result in injury.
ISG Work at Height policy
To improve the safety of all subcontractors and workers on the projects, ISG has
implemented a “Work at Height Standard” as part of all subcontractor agreements.
Product Comparison
Ladder vs Pecolift
Action Plan for Prevention of Use of Ladders on ISG Projects
Together with Power Towers, an action plan was prepared on how to demonstrate to
subcontractors the use of the Pecolift and educate subcontractors how to implement
the policy.

90% use of ladders / 10% use of low-level work at height equipment
2018 – 2019 ISG Project Management started consultations with subcontractors
Initiated specific training sessions. ISG implemented obligatory Work at
Height Standard and daily conditional ladder permit.

95% use of low-level work at height equipment / 5% use of ladders


The case study clearly indicated that by using the Pecolift subcontractors delivered
better quality, improved efficiency and reduced time needed to complete tasks. The
Pecolift is also equipped to store hand tools and materials while working at height.
Improvements were noted in worker ergonomics and their overall health. The
Pecolift could be easily manoeuvred, stored, set up and maintained. Housekeeping
was improved.

ISG Project Management feedback: Reduced paperwork since daily ladder permits
were unnecessary. An improved quality of work, improvements related to efficiency,
improved satisfaction with sub-contractors. Additionally, a reduction in site risks
related to slips, trips and falls from height was accomplished. Improved organisation
of the work site was also mentioned.

ISG’s was very satisfied to see that subcontractors not only used Pecolifts on ISG
projects but also on other projects, which indicates that the contractors themselves
acknowledge the benefits of the Pecolift.


• Intuitive to operate – turn handle to elevate
• Patented* lift mechanism, no power required
• Lightweight, easy to manoeuvre
• Small foot print (0.99 m x 0.70 m)
• Unlimited lift cycles, can be used 24/7
• Robust design for years of trouble free service
• Minimal operational costs, virtually maintenance free
• Maximum working height: 3.50 m
• Maximum platform height: 1.50 m
• Safe working load: 150 kg (1 person + tools)