Power Towers’ First Low-Level Access Open Day!

On October 31st, we opened the doors of our factory in Leicester for a 3 day event with low-level access specialists from various industries attending. This event was a unique opportunity for like-minded professionals  to connect, learn, and engage. This article covered some of the most exciting event highlights.

Ecolift and Pecolift at Power Towers Low Level Access Day

1. New Product and Technology Demonstrations

At Power Towers, we are dedicated to pushing the boundaries of innovation in the Low-Level Access industry. During the Open Day, attendees had the chance to witness live demonstrations of our latest products and prototypes. These demonstrations showcased the advanced features, safety enhancements, and improved efficiency of our new offerings.

LLA Open Day product direction presentation

2. 2024 New Product Direction Presentations

Our General Manager presented the direction of our 2024 New Product Development (NPD). This insightful presentation provided a sneak peek into the advancements the low-level specialists can anticipate in the nearest future.

3. Factory Tour

Power Towers invited visitors to step behind the scenes and explore the heart of Power Towers’ operations. Our factory tour presented the manufacturing process, quality control, and testing procedures that ensure our products meet the highest standards. Our guests gained a deeper understanding of how Power Towers products are made and the quality checks they undergo before reaching the market.

4. Networking Opportunities

One of the most significant benefits of attending industry events is the opportunity to connect with peers and professionals with shared passion and interests. The Power Towers Low-Level Access Open Day provided ample networking opportunities and a chance for attendees to exchange their ideas, experiences, and insights with others in the field.

Low Level Access Open Day Power Towers range of mobile elevating platforms


The Power Towers Low-Level Access Open Day was our pilot event, and we were extremely happy with the turnout and participation.  We were also grateful for the valuable feedback shared with us by our customers during the event.

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