Peco DC is coming to Data Centres Ireland show

Power Towers and Daxten Ltd are exhibiting at Data Centres Ireland.

Learn how to carry out installations, maintenance and repairs on the overhead infrastructure in the data centre safely and easily. 

If you tilt your head back in a data centre and look towards the ceiling, there is usually a lot of supply infrastructure, which is quite impressive. Fibre raceways feeding directly into the racks. Power cables distributing the power from overhead busbars via tap off boxes. Supports for cold or hot aisle containment and infrastructure for critical fire suppression systems to name a few. 

PecoDC coming to Data Centres Ireland

What is fascinating for outsiders, makes many data centre professionals break out into a sweat. After all, when they look up, they see first and foremost work. There needs to be a tap off box added above the rack. Next to it the cabling has to be checked. Routine inspections for fire prevention are pending.  There could be a small air leak suspected in a cold aisle roof panel. Or the cable ducts on the roof panels of several cabinets are not yet provided with sealing edges. 

For the data centre expert, this means setting up a ladder or other climbing aid, having tools and materials handed to them, a second person to secure the ladder, climbing down, moving the ladder, climbing up again, and so on and so forth. This is not only tiring, annoying, time-consuming and ineffective, but also dangerous when it comes to falls, injuries and damage. A solution is needed, and this solution is PecoDC. The Daxten PecoDC powered by JLG Power Towers, a mobile and completely manually operated raised work platform. It brings data centre professionals quickly, smoothly, and with minimized risks to a working height of 3.5 meters.     

PecoDC lifter raises the standard of work in the data centre. 

PecoDC received the DCS Award 2022 in the category of “Data Center Safety & Security Innovation of the Year”. This machine is extremely compact with a footprint of just under one meter depth and just over a floor tile wide. This MEWP is specifically designed for the use in narrow rack aisles. Manoeuvring and rotating around its own axis is easy and effortless thanks to stable castors. Positioned and locked, a data centre professional steps onto the lifting platform, stows the tools and materials for his or her work in a practical holding device and finally brings himself to the desired working height in a matter of seconds by operating a flywheel crank. 

PecoDC extended

Non-powered push-around raised work platform for the safe and easy access. 

EcoDC lowered

The entire elevation process is purely manual, i.e., without electricity or batteries. This means that it can be used around the clock without the need for charging or requiring meter-long cabling with a power connection. In addition, the lifting mechanism works without hydraulic oil. The PecoDC solution is therefore almost maintenance-free, scores with minimal operating costs and is durable and environmentally friendly. Thanks to its compact dimensions, the work platform takes up very little space. When retracted, at a height of just over 1.50 meters, it can be parked almost anywhere in the data centre to save space until the next use. For users who want or need to go higher than 3.5 meters, Power Towers together with Daxten developed the sister model EcoDC, which allows working at a height of up to 4.2 meters. 

To experience, how the mobile elevating platforms can ease your work in data centres, visit us on the DAXTEN STAND 339 at DataCentres Ireland. It is the country’s largest data centre event that brings together everyone involved in the dynamic and fast-growing Irish data centre industry. The show is being held at RDS (Royal Dublin Society) in Dublin on November 22-23, 2023. Read more about the show at the following website: Home – Data Centres Ireland 2023 ( 

Further information about PecoDC and EcoDC is available on +353 61 234 000 or via and

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