Benefits of low-level access platforms

Are you still hesitating to change from traditional height access equipment to mobile elevated platforms? If this is your situation, Power Towers has released a course on the CPD platform about the benefits of low-level access platforms.  CPD stands for Continuing Professional Development, which refers to the learning activities professionals engage in to enhance their skills. The concept of continuing professional development is a holistic approach toward enhancing a professional’s skills and proficiency over time. Our course focuses on improving safety, ergonomics, and efficiency while working at heights up to 5.5 meters.  It also provides an explanation of what these solutions are.  

Statistics on accidents

Today, construction, warehouse maintenance, and many other industries still use traditional access equipment such as ladders, scaffoldings, and podiums.  Unfortunately, the use of such equipment frequently leads to accidents or long-term health problems due to repetitive work in poor positioning.  Some of the most common accidents workers and their employers report are fallings, stumbling, and slipping. In 2021/22, 565,000 workers sustained a non-fatal injury according to self-reports from the Labour Force Survey, and 123 workers died from fatal injuries.  Around a quarter of fatal injuries to workers in 2021/22 were in the construction sector (30 deaths), with a further 18% in each of the agriculture, forestry, and fishing sector and the manufacturing sector (22 deaths in each). The most common kind of fatal accidents to workers in 2021/22 was falls from a height.  

Accident-related consequences


In certain applications, traditional access equipment fails to provide sufficient security and stability for long-term work at height, leading to accidents. Along with the injuries, many employees have reported that years of hard work and having to adapt to that work have resulted in chronic or long-lasting musculoskeletal disorders as they routinely bend, climb, stretch, and balance while working at height, causing them chronic or long-lasting musculoskeletal disorders. Hours of work in awkward positions year after year harm employees of industrial and construction industries.  

The negative impacts mentioned above, not only harm the employee, but also lead to work interruption and the costs associated with it, investigation from authorities, possible fines, and bad publicity.  

Power Towers solutions

Mobile elevated platforms Power Towers, benefits of low-level access platforms

Power Towers has developed a portfolio of products, which are focused on operator’s safety and ergonomics when working at height. The benefits of our low-level access solutions are safety, effortless ascent without climbing, adjustable height both up and down, that brings the work to the operator and allows the operator to work in the most comfortable position while being able to easily maneuver.  The Power Towers solutions allow operators to use both hands with full body rotation on a stable flat surface thus improving efficiency, accuracy and focus by reducing fatigue from repetitive poor body position.  All Power Towers machines comply with EU Machinery Directive EN280 and the new UK equivalent.  

We are proud to be the catalyst that is allowing industries to transform their working at height practices but there is still a lot to do.  The testament to our success is to see and hear positive testimonials from our clients and how we are helping them make working at low level heights sustainable for their employees.  

If you wish to participate in CPD course about the benefits of low-level access platforms, you can send an enquiry here Benefits of Low Level Access (LLA) in Construction and Maintenance – Courses | The CPD Certification Service ( 

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