Nano 35: A New Push-Around Solution for Efficient Elevated Work 

Nano 35 lowered

September 27th, Hoofddorp, Netherlands. Power Towers, a leading provider of innovative access solutions, is thrilled to unveil its latest innovation in low level access – the Nano 35. This is the first push around vertical mast product that can reach to 5,5 m working height.   

This product is designed to offer enhanced flexibility and efficiency in tight working environments. As one of the most versatile and efficient solutions in its class, the Nano 35 boasts a unique combination of features that make it the preferred choice when the operator is required to access heights on the small floor spaces.  

This mobile elevated platform comes equipped with a maintenance-free AGM battery and an electro-hydraulic pump, providing reliable and long-lasting performance.  With self-locking front wheels, the Nano 35 can provide stability when the platform is raised to height. 

One of the standout features of the Nano 35 is that its contact area is only 1.205 m x 0.76 m, which allows to reach into tight spaces, providing operators with a comfortable work platform to carry out their tasks efficiently. Whether it’s fit-out work at multi-floor projects in the construction industry, maintenance work, or various specialized tasks, the Nano 35 is up to the challenge. The operators must avoid the use of the product around overhead obstruction and near potential hazards. 

Nano 35 lowered back

Safety remains a top priority for Power Towers, and the Nano 35 reflects this commitment with its built-in acoustic signal. This safety feature serves as an alert to anyone nearby when the platform is being raised or lowered, further enhancing the security of both the operator and those in the vicinity. 

 “The Nano 35 is a game-changer in the field of elevated work platforms,” said Richard Puglia, Sales Director of Power Towers. “Its compact design and advanced features make it an ideal choice for a wide range of industries and tasks. We are confident that this machine will significantly enhance the productivity, ergonomics and safety of operators, providing them with a reliable solution for their tight elevated access needs.” 

This work-at-height platform is designed for a variety of applications, making it indispensable for mechanics, electricians, ventilation installers, painters, and various other specialists. Its versatility extends beyond construction sites, as it can also be effectively used for cleaning, painting, decorating, and general maintenance tasks in schools, hospitals, and a range of trades and industries. 

Power Towers invites customers, contractors, and industry professionals to explore the Nano 35 and experience its outstanding performance firsthand: Nano 35 – Power Towers | Electric mobile elevated platform 

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