Jonas’ Trailer: A Journey of Discovery

Introducing our latest addition at Power Towers: a brand new Jonas’ trailer designed to transport up to four machines. Prepare to witness impressive demonstrations featuring the Pecolift, Ecolift, Nano SP Plus, and Power Tower Duo.

Jonas' trailer

What sets this trailer apart is its exceptional mobility. This allows us to effortlessly showcase our products at various locations to both our valued customers and distributors. After all, seeing is believing!

When the trailer comes to a halt, the real show begins. Our highly skilled business development manager in Germany, Jonas, extends a warm welcome to all our customers and distributors, offering them an aromatic cup of coffee. With everyone gathered around the trailer, Jonas flawlessly demonstrates the loading and unloading of Power Tower’s equipment, highlighting the exceptional functionalities of our products.

The most exciting part is that customers and distributors have the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the machines. This will enable them to gain a comprehensive understanding of their operations and witness the advantages they offer over traditional access methods.

People around Jonas' trailer

To enhance the experience, we equipped the trailer with a large screen. It provides an ideal platform to showcase our machines’ diverse applications. It also helps customers familiarize themselves with the equipment.

This collective experience truly creates an extraordinary atmosphere for all those present around the trailer. Unsurprisingly, this innovative trailer has received resounding acclaim from our customers and distributors.
Now, you may be wondering where you can catch a glimpse of this trailer. Typically, Jonas traverses the roads of Germany, but soon he will be embarking on a journey across other European countries. You are more than welcome to extend a friendly greeting if you come across it.

If you’re interested in our products and eager to witness the trailer in action, please contact us at Contact Page – Power Towers or reach out to us via email: