Upgrades in push-around elevating platforms

We are always thankful to our valued customers, for their input in making sure that our mobile elevating platforms and services fit our user’s needs.  This is an important reason we can remain leaders in the market.

As a result of the requests, suggestions, and comments that users and customers have submitted to us, we have made some changes to our products.

Range of Power Towers mobile elevating platforms.
  1. On the push-around machines, we changed the guardrails on the basket. Now, instead of horizontal rails, there will be vertical rails. The reason for this modification is to prevent the operators from the temptation of standing on the horizontal mid rail and kick plate in order to reach higher.
  2. As part of this upgrade and to maintain the ability to remove an incapacitated operator from the basket, a patented quick disconnect for the entry gate hinges has been developed.  So by pulling 4 pins, the entry gates can be easily and quickly removed and the operator can be taken out of the basket.
  3. The swivel castor wheels have been upgraded so that they create less noise and less rolling resistance to improve maneuverability.
  4. Language specific safety decals have been replaced by pictorial decals in line with other CE marked JLG products. This will allow our customers more flexibility when relocating a machine from one country to another.
  5. The aluminum platform deck has been replaced by a steel deck. This will eliminate the cost impact of aluminum.
  6. Relocation of the recovery handle on the push-around manual machines from the chassis to the mast. This will minimize damage to the recovery handle.

We are grateful for feedback we receive from our customers, and we believe that the above stated upgrades will enhance the use of these products.

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