Serie Nano

Nano25 mobile platform left side

Empujar a la posición, entrar, pulsar un botón.

Características de la Nano

  • 4,50 m de altura de trabajo
  • Baja altura de entrada a la plataforma de sólo 375 mm
  • Sólo 1,195 m x 0,75 m de superficie de trabajo
  • Pasa fácilmente a través de puertas simples
  • El tamaño de la plataforma de 1,00 m x 0,73 m da
    al usuario más espacio para trabajar
  • Ruedas Auto-Lok de alta resistencia en la elevación

Experience comfortable working at height with the Nano elevating platform from Power Towers!

When it comes to working at height, safety, comfort, and efficiency are paramount. That’s why Power Towers brings you the Nano, aerial platform designed to provide a superior working experience. With its innovative features and cutting-edge technology, the Nano lift work platforms are the ultimate solution for your elevated tasks.

Nano is an electric-powered MEWP (Mobile Elevating Work Platform) that offers unparalleled performance. With its compact design and maneuverability, it is ideal for indoor applications where space is limited. Whether you need to access high ceilings, perform maintenance tasks, or complete construction projects, the Nano lift work platform delivers exceptional results.

Working at height can be physically demanding, and Power Towers understands the importance of operator’s well-being. The Nano lift work platform features a spacious and ergonomic working platform, allowing operators to work comfortably for extended periods. With ample room to move and adjustable controls, fatigue is minimized, enabling greater productivity and efficiency.

Power Towers takes safety seriously, that’s why Nano is equipped with comprehensive safety features. The platform is designed to meet stringent industry standards, providing a secure and stable working environment. With its robust guardrails, non-slip platform surface, and simple controls, operators can focus on their tasks with peace of mind, knowing they are secure.

For those seeking detailed specifications and technical information, the Power Tower Nano spec sheet provides a comprehensive overview. It highlights the dimensions, weight capacity, working height, and other important details to help you make an informed decision. The Nano lift platform is designed to meet the needs of various industries, from facilities management to retail maintenance, making it a versatile choice for a wide range of applications.

In conclusion, the Nano elevating platform from Power Towers is the epitome of comfortable working at height. It is an aerial platform designed with an emphasis on the operator’s comfort. It sets a new standard for efficiency and safety. Experience the benefits of the Nano work platforms and take your productivity to the new heights.

To learn more about the Nano elevating platform and its capabilities, check the Power Tower Nano spec sheet or contact us directly via the link: Contact Page – Power Towers

Our team is ready to assist you in finding the perfect small electric platform lift to meet your specific needs and requirements. Elevate your working experience with Power Towers low-level access platforms.

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